The Seven C’s of Change

Chaos in Nature: Sycamore branch

“Instead of fearing change, think of Chaos as extremely good news for those who look for the advantage in changing times.” @TonyRobbins

Who loves chaos? Raise your hand. Who enjoys confusion? Get in line! Who’s thinks clarity and control are overrated? I KNOW, right?

I love Chaos! Confusion? Bring it on! (Kinda.)

I love Chaos! (Kinda.)

If you raised your hand, got in line, or agreed with any of this, you can just look at the pictures and smile. If you thought I was kidding or being sarcastic, well, you’re partly right. For most of us, chaos just sucks. It’s counterintuitive bordering on downright silly that there’s a damn thing good about it.

But what if the following “Seven C’s” were true? Continue reading

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6 Ways to Tame the Tech Shrew

Apple, Books, & Tea

Apple, Books, & Tea

When does the food become the poison? Technology is supposed to be a tool to enrich your life, and indeed it does. Technology, in and of itself, is not your life. Looking around, however, it sure seems like it is, for many of us.

Technology is very addictive. Yet, very few people actively manage their tech consumption the way they do (or don’t, but at least know they should) their food, alcohol, or money habits. It’s misuse doesn’t make us fat, sloppy, or poor. So, why then, should we curtail our use of technology? What does a tech-overdose look like?



If you haven’t seen it in yourself, you’ve seen it or read about in others. Obsession with technology has ruined relationships and created the same kinds of addiction symptoms as drugs: irritability, inability to engage in sustained activities, withdrawal from “real” life — the list goes on. But it can also degrade the richness and quality of your physical, mental, and spiritual life. And that’s what we’re all about here at OmDePlume: enriching life in the digital age.

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Waves of Woe, Bursts of Joy

Dingletown Community Church, Greenwich, CT

Dingletown Community Church, Greenwich, CT

Sundays are for reflection, for going inward, and maybe for attending the church of your choice — be it a quaint New England Community Church, a grand cathedral, or the great nave of nature. Succumbing to some irresistible human propensity for arbitrary polarity (e.g., people who are focused versus people who are unfocused), I want to explore a dichotomy I’ve observed between worried people and happy people. Continue reading

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Ich bin ein Northeasterner

IMG_2857It’s a tricky thing, loving the Northeast. The weathermen and the San Diego-ans all condition us against it. The Northeast has . . . winter. Weather is “bad.” Snow is “bad.” Cold is “bad.”

When I lived in San Francisco in the mid-90s, and again when I spent four months in the Bay Area last summer and fall, people expressed frank incredulity that I might consent, let alone prefer, to go back East.

Snow. If Fairfield County gets hammered by a blizzard, but we only get two feet of snow compared to three feet east of here, or more than that even in Boston, I’m jealous. Yep. Jealous. OK, maybe just envious.

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“Tittie” the Tufted Titmouse

I’ve had these feeders for over a year and I’ve been too lazy to hang them up. Well, not really lazy. I was intimated by the task: ladders, hammers, logistics, all that guy stuff. Something got into me today, though, and before breakfast I was out there banging and hanging away. The little buggers found them almost immediately, too. Tufted titmice, mostly, but also a Carolina Wren. <melt> Continue reading

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A Winter Warmer: Clafoutis


My food “bible” is Nourishing Traditions. After years of paying attention to and experimenting with nutrition and health, I learned what I and my body liked and responded to.

Along the way, I followed food fads (no salt, no butter, no fat, no wheat, no dairy), read books (“Eat Right for Your Type,” “The Green Smoothie Revolution,” “Nourishing Traditions“), adhered to philosophies (Michael Pollan, Ayurveda), went on cleanses (“The Master Cleanse,” nutritional cleanses), abstained from caffeine and alcohol — and periodically abandoned them all for a life of pure enjoyment and hedonism! Continue reading

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