Awakening Through Music

Article cover photoIn these times of dramatic human transformation, stories of individual lives can give us glimpses into our own process: our struggles, our breakthroughs, our miracles, our challenges, our despair, and our inspirations. Daniel Bellone is a personal inspiration for me. He is a musician, an awakened man, a visionary, a guide, and, I’m honored to say, a friend. For the past two years, he has been touring the world delivering an alchemical blend of Oneness teachings, music, mantras, and audience participation with his “Awakening Through Music” concerts. He is also the cover subject of the new Oneness Living Magazine published online by Teresa McBratney.

Daniel Bellone has been living his dream. One could easily imagine that since he looks like a dream that living a dream would be a no brainer for a “guy like that”: nice family, intelligent, educated, handsome, gifted, sweet-natured, popular, successful. Of course, it was not. Like everyone, Daniel lives in the world, a world stacked with obstacles and heartbreak and duality and pushback and disappointment and insecurity. Life isn’t easy for anybody. But, through the combination of our intention, our efforts, and Divine grace, life can become easy-er. Much easier.

It is the goal of the Oneness movement to awaken humanity through the “technology” of the Oneness Blessing (also known as Deeksha). Daniel’s life shows the fruits of that awakening beginning to ripen.

If you’ve ever been overwhelmed by the idea of “living your dream” as impractical or downright impossible, Daniel is the counterpoint to your internal arguments. At one point in his life, he was working in a somewhat satisfying technology job in his home country of Argentina when he decided he wanted to go to Oneness University in India. The majority owner of the business readily agreed; but the minority owner refused. Daniel made a bold move and said he was going, and if that meant losing his job, so be it. He did lose his job —and off he flew to India, not knowing what would happen there nor when he got back. He just knew he had to go.

A single course at Oneness University changes the course of one’s life forever. When Daniel returned home, he didn’t know what he was going to do. He was beginning to see a different life, a life that had more adventures and trips to India and world travel and emphasis on his reignited love affair with music. But in our modern world, everyone needs to make a living. To his surprise, his company contacted him immediately and said they wanted him back. This should have been good news. Dani hesitated. But his bosses had already concocted an offer he couldn’t refuse: double the money he’d been making to be an independent contractor on his own schedule and on his own terms.

Stories like this seem improbable — at least if you were to contemplate the same bold move in your own life. But take a trip to Oneness University and of the hundreds of participants from around the world you’ll meet, you’ll likely see people looking a bit dazed, staggering around, and pinching themselves the first few days wondering how the heck they’d even gotten there. They hadn’t had the money. A job wouldn’t allow them a month off. Family needed them. Yet, here they were. And each of them had a story like Daniel’s. An improbable twist of faith fulfilled their dream of coming to India — sometimes they didn’t even know it had been a dream!

Daniel’s story tells us something: we don’t know what is going to happen in our lives. We project constantly: if I do that, then this will happen. And yet, when you are stepping out of your comfort zone for the purpose of growing yourself and contributing to the world, miracles happen. In fact, “everything is automatic” despite the fact that we take credit for our advancements and blame ourselves for our digressions.

Oneness Living Magazine is a new online publication dedicated to raising our vibrations and inciting us to live larger and more deeply than we ever have. You can read the entire story of Daniel and more by subscribing.

Namaste. Now go live some large!

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