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Awakening Through Music

In these times of dramatic human transformation, stories of individual lives can give us glimpses into our own process: our struggles, our breakthroughs, our miracles, our challenges, our despair, and our inspirations. Daniel Bellone is a personal inspiration for me. He … Continue reading

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Thou Shalt Not Be a Boring Speaker

Engagement. What a nice word. A couple planning to marry. A child engrossed in a book or a game. Friends in an intense conversation. Fascinated students eager to learn. Members of an audience listening to a riveting talk. It’s also … Continue reading

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I Feel Your Pain. But Do You?

Got a headache? Take a pill. Upset? Call a friend. Hurt or injured? Go to the emergency room. Sick? Call the doctor! Fearful? Talk yourself out of it, or run and hide. Sad? Bury it with work. Offended? Fight back! … Continue reading

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Shorten the Long and Winding Road

Here is a trick I use on walks and runs and cycling. Oh, and life. First, I have an idea about where I’m going. My route. A destination. A duration for the outing. I get on the road and I … Continue reading

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Give Your Brain a Break

Our brains get tired. By the end of the day, “brain fog” and “fuzzy thinking” accompany irritability and lack of productivity. But it’s easier than you think (with your tired brain) to sustain mental energy with smart snacks, intelligent lists, … Continue reading

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Find My iPad! Au secours!

  Losing my iPad is like losing my head. I’m that attached to it. But, it happened. How could I be so out of my head that I lost touch with my iPad for long enough for it to go … Continue reading

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Why Am I So Stuck?

“Lead with your gift. Let your gift inspire the rest of the show.” Donny Epstein, on the Triad of Change. It’s two months into the New Year. You haven’t stuck with your resolutions. You’re not exercising. And those extra holiday … Continue reading

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Oscars and Emotions

I will be watching the Oscars tonight — alone, in my jammies, under a cozy blanket, with a delicious dinner. I can’t wait. I love the movies. By that, I mean to say I love my internal experiences produced by … Continue reading

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Opened by Love

It’s funny how you can read a book or watch a movie where you know the outcome and still find yourself wondering what will happen. Or hoping against hope that there will be a different ending. That’s the definition of … Continue reading

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Choose the Game to Win the Game

It’s 2009 and I’m lying on a chiropractic table at a Transformational Gate in Westminster, Colorado. “You think you lead with Perception,” my teacher Donny Epstein whispers in my ear, “but you really lead with Structure.” He lingers a moment to let that sink in, and then he walks … Continue reading

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