“Tittie” the Tufted Titmouse

I’ve had these feeders for over a year and I’ve been too lazy to hang them up. Well, not really lazy. I was intimated by the task: ladders, hammers, logistics, all that guy stuff. Something got into me today, though, and before breakfast I was out there banging and hanging away. The little buggers found them almost immediately, too. Tufted titmice, mostly, but also a Carolina Wren. <melt>

I bragged to my birder sister (as opposed to the one who doesn’t give a s**t about birds) about my achievement, confessing that the feeders were, however, probably too close to the windows. “You better get some hawk decals up there right away,” she warned. And then, with a hint of hysteria in her voice, “Otherwise you’ll definitely kill some birds!” <gulp>

Nighthawk cutouts: remains

So, per her detailed instructions (she’s also the “art” sister), I cut some out of folded printer paper — just like Kindergarden! — while consulting the picture of a nighthawk on Google Images. I messaged the photo to her right away so she could sanction my handiwork. This was her assessment: “Nasty and dangerous.” <smug smile>

So far, no birds have flown kamikaze-style into the windows.

Enjoy the storm, Nor’Easterners!

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