The Technology of Your Body and Mind

TriangleDo you ever feel like you’re beating your head against a wall? That you know you need to make a change or get something done, but you just can’t get traction or results? What if a simple triangle could change all that and make all your decisions effortless?

I’m about to let you in on a big secret: the Triad of Change. Learn how to use it, and your life becomes, if not effort-less, much less effort-full. It has been one of the most effective catalysts and easiest-to-use tools in my life.

SRI facilitation (left)  and NSA entrainment (right).

SRI facilitation (left) and NSA entrainment (right).

OK, the Triad of Change isn’t that big a secret. It is one of the Epstein Technologies, a related group of wellness practices that include Network Spinal Analysis (or NSA, an offshoot of traditional chiropractic that works through subtle touch and energetic fields), Somato-Respiratory Integration (or SRI, a complementary, self-administered, hands-on healing modality of which I am a certified practitioner), and Reorganizational Healing (ROH).

The Epstein Technologies are not like other modalities you may already be familiar with, so when people ask, is this like Reiki? does it work on the chakras? the answer is both no and, where yes, that any similarity won’t help you understand this work. You can read a good website and get a sense of it. But, the only way you can know the unparalleled benefits of NSA and SRI is to experience it.

The Triad of Change

The Triad of Change

But the Triad is yours for the having.

Working the Triad is all about learning which order to apply the three strategies — Perception, Behavior, and Structure — for your individual gain. Used in the wrong order, it becomes your own personal hell,  a Triad of Pain. Used in the correct order, it becomes your own personal liberator, a Triad of Gain.

Tune in tomorrow to learn what constitutes each of the elements, and how to discover — and employ — your own Triad of Gain.

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